Welcome to the Joseph O'Connor Wiki for Karen Babine's fiction writing class (Eng. 252 at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln) and Dawn Duncan's literature class (Eng 346 at Concordia College, Moorhead, MN). The purpose of this wiki is to create a digital space where our different perspectives as readers and writers and scholars can come together to discuss Joseph O'Connor's novel, Star of the Sea. Check out the pages for information, helpful websites, interviews, and discussions about the novel from various perspectives. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the site.

Here's what you should do to get started:
1. Acquaint yourself with Joseph O'Connor himself, the writer. At the left, click on the "Joseph O'Connor Background" and you'll find interviews, his website, and more.

2. If you are in Ms. Babine's class, click on the page that will give you an overview of postmodernism and what Dr. Duncan's class thinks we should know before we get going; if you're in Dr. Duncan's class, click on the page that will give you an overview of what Ms. Babine's fiction class thinks you should know. If you're wondering what the other class's syllabus looks like, click here. Posted in the Readings page are some readings that you may find helpful.

3. Both Dr. Duncan and Ms. Babine will be giving an overview of the Famine and the historical aspects of the novel, but you'll find more on the History page.

4. Read the "Imagination and Knowledge" handout that details how the project will work. Groups will contain students from both classes and will be assigned by the instructors.

5. Concordia and UNL students will find their group members on the "Start Here: Collaboration" page. There are two Word documents there.

What's New?
  • 2/6/2012: Short interview with O'Connor on the subject of his short story "Mothers Were All The Same." Click here to check it out.
  • 3/16/2012: Materials for the cross-class collaboration are being put up. Start with the "Start Here" tab at the left of the page.
  • 3/30/2012: First round of "paragraphs of insight" added to the Collaboration project. Also new documents on postmodernism and post colonialism posted to Duncan Class Essentials.
  • If you have questions for O'Connor himself, post them to the Conversations with Joseph O'Connor page.
  • 4/1: New video posted under "Joseph O'Connor Background," from his radio show Drive Time. Very funny.
  • 4/4: New pages added: If you have questions for Joseph O'Connor, Dawn Duncan, or Karen Babine, there are links on the side navigation bar (but you can also click on the links here).
  • 4/20: Please post your master documents (to the appropriate wiki page) by 6:00 pm, 4/21. And (UNL), please post your reflection paragraph to the Reflection page by Friday, 4/27.
  • 4/20: Joseph O'Connor kindly answered the questions we had posted for him--check out the interview-in-progress here! And if you have more questions, please post them and we'll do our best to get them answered.
  • 4/21: Dawn Duncan answered the questions we all posted for her, so check out her answers here!
  • 4/25: Concordia's Power Point presentations have been posted to their respective wiki pages.