As we move towards creating our master documents, here are some tips:

First, we're creating two master documents for each element (UNL has a character group, as does Concordia). UNL will concentrate on summarizing what's been posted on the wiki from the perspective of a writer; Concordia will do the same from the perspective of a postmodern and postcolonial critic. The master documents should be about two pages (single-spaced) long. These should be posted to the wiki by Saturday, 21 April 2012 by 6:00 pm.

(UNL: when you post the master document, I would also like you to bring to class on Monday 4/23 an evaluation of the individual members of your group. Who did what in the group, how did each person participate? Be honest. The only person who will see this is me.)

Google Docs might be the best way to facilitate the writing of this document, but you can do what works best for you. Also, some groups have created Facebook groups, so that's an option as well.

  1. Find the overlapping ideas. Where are people saying similar things? Who is saying them?
  2. Where are the really original ideas, the really original observations and insights? What's the coolest thing you've noticed about this book?
  3. Cite each other.
  4. Cite class discussions.
  5. What questions were brought up that you can answer--or attempt to answer?
  6. What do you know now about [insert your group subject] that you didn't when you started this project?
    1. Karen's Class: What would you say that a writer should know about this book?
    2. Dawn's Class: What should a literature scholar know about this book?
  7. This project is titled "Imagination and Knowledge" to represent both our perspectives as writers and scholars--how do those elements play through this book and our understandings and discussions about it?