Here you will find the information you need to know about how to collaborate with your group, both in-class and cross-class. If you have questions, contact Dr. Duncan or Ms. Babine.

Joseph O’Connor’s Star of the Sea:
Imagination and Knowledge

What do we see when we look at a piece of writing? This is the central question both of our classes will be asking. For us as fiction writers, we carry a different perspective and body of knowledge than Dr. Duncan’s class, who has been studying modernism, postmodernism, and postcolonialism. We will come together in the digital space of our class wiki to combine our knowledge and imagination.

How the Project Will Work:

The Groups:
  • You will be divided up into groups within our class and then your group will be combined with a group from Dr. Duncan’s class. You will collaborate with your UNL group as well as with your Concordia group.
  • Dr. Duncan and I will post names and email addresses to our Blackboard sites and it will be your responsibility to establish communication between your two groups.

The Wiki:
  • You will turn in hard copies of your weekly two-page Think Pieces to me, as usual, but you will post one paragraph of insight to the appropriate page on the wiki. There will be a lot of overlap between craft elements and such, so don’t worry too much about posting your paragraph in the wrong place.
    • This means choosing one paragraph from your Think Piece—or you could write a paragraph on its own—and if you wrote on characters, you would post your paragraph on the “Characters” page. Include your name and identify yourself as coming from my class, from UNL.
    • You might think about things that we’ve talked about earlier in the semester and how they’re represented in the novel, you could write about an idea or discussion that came up in class—really, you could write about anything as long as it adds to our cross-class collaboration.
    • These paragraphs are to be posted to the wiki no later than 10:00 am on Fridays (3/30, 4/6, and 4/13).

How to Post to the Wiki:
  • Click on the wiki, sign in, and find the right page on the lefthand navigation. If you wrote on character(s), click on the “Characters” page. As I mentioned, there may be several places you could post your paragraph, so do not be afraid of posting in the wrong place.
  • Click on the “Edit” button.
  • Scroll to the bottom of whatever is posted there hit the return button to create a space between the paragraph above you and then paste your paragraph. Please try to match, as best you can, the formatting of the page (Arial font, same or similar size font).
  • One way you can format your paragraph:
    • [Your Name], UNL:
    • If you have any questions at all, please let me know.

The Final Collaboration Project:

  • I will be Skyping with Dr. Duncan’s class and she will be Skyping with our class, so each class will get to talk to and ask questions of the other class’s professor.
  • Our goal is also to have a conversation (whatever form that takes) with the author of our book, Joseph O’Connor, so we’ll be compiling questions you have for him and if we cannot coordinate a Skype conversation with him, we’ll do our interview via email and internet.
    • If you have a question for him, specifically, follow the above instructions and post the question to the “Conversations with Joseph O’Connor” page.
    • You will be working with your combined UNL-group and each group will be assigned to one of the craft elements. As a group, you will take the raw material posted there by your classmates, synthesize it, and create one master document that incorporates the perspectives that the raw material represents.
      • I might suggest a Google Docs approach, but it’s up to you how you want to do it.
      • I am not putting a length requirement on this document, but it will be graded on thoroughness and the contribution that it makes to the overall collaborative conversation.
      • This master document is due to be posted to the wiki no later than Saturday, 21 April 2012 by 6:00 pm.
      • Set up a Skype conversation between your UNL-Concordia group to discuss the ideas, information, and such.
        • To facilitate this, you might set up a Doodle Poll ( to find a suitable time for all of you to meet. I understand that trying to find a time when all 10-ish of you can meet will be difficult, but try. Skipping this Skype meeting will reflect poorly on your own contribution.
        • Then, on Monday, 16 April 2012, your UNL group will present your findings to the whole 252 class. Prepare a group presentation ten minutes long that incorporates what you’ve discovered, how your reading of the book has been informed, complicated, and illuminated by your work with the other class as well as your classmates.
        • Your participation and work here on the wiki be graded under “Out of Class Work,” and I will grade your work on the level of analysis and original thought.

3. If you have a specific question for Joseph O'Connor, post it in the discussion section of "Conversations with Joseph O'Connor."